Application Forms
APPLICATION FORM 13-11-18 Application Form - Without Personal Data

PLAN 13-11-18 1MC05-ALJ-TP-DGA-CS01_CL01-803001 Site & other plans
PLAN 13-11-18 1MC05-ALJ-TP-DGA-CS01_CL01-803002 Site & other plans
PLAN 13-11-18 1MC05-ALJ-TP-MAP-CS01_CL01-000002 Site & other plans

Supporting Documentation
SUPPORTING INFORMATION 13-11-18 1MC05-ALJ-TP-REP-CS01_CL01-000001 - PP Planning statement
SUPPORTING INFORMATION 13-11-18 A summary of the attachments in the proposal
SUPPORTING INFORMATION 01-03-19 1MC05-ALJ-TP-REP-CS01_CL01-000008 Written Statement Additional Info
SUPPORTING INFORMATION 01-03-19 E1_Control_of_EnvironmentalImpacts_v1.7
APPEAL DECISION 07-11-19 Allowed
APPEAL DECISION 07-11-19 Inspector's Report

Decision Documentation
There are no documents for this section